Your Springboard to Success



“At One Horn, you enjoy the freedom to run your business independently, always knowing we will be there providing the most responsive, caring back office to help you whenever you need us.”

Cheryl Biron, President and CEO

Be Part of a Premium Brokerage Where You Are the Priority

Agent support and development is the core of our strategy.

So we are in it together with a common objective. Helping you build your business is really the business we are in. We cultivate a supportive, team-oriented environment where you have the opportunity to provide input based on your experience and the needs of your customers. We then translate this into our systems and processes to continuously improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Our greatest strength is in building the processes and systems to make the brokerage function more efficient, so you can easily handle more loads per day.

How did we get there? Our management team has evolved One Horn from an asset-based carrier in 2005 to a premium agent-based brokerage. During our constant reinvention, we figure out what works and do more of it, so you can easily add sub-agents, salespeople, and dispatchers to grow your own satellite office, with our support.


You also get honest, friendly, professional relationships in a fast-paced, high-energy environment where you won’t get lost.

Having worked in Fortune 500 companies, our management team knows what “big corporate” can be like. We decided to create an environment that leverages the strength of our knowledge from these types of companies, but where the people know they really matter to us. We are dedicated to getting to know you better, so we can best help you grow your business, and so that you’ll be happy that you work with us every day.


Please call or email Louis to learn more about how we operate, and where you could fit in:
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